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Wheel Alignment System

hunter wheel alignment The lift and the computer operate as a unit to analyze and optimize alignment with real-time 3D modeling.

A/C Service Center

kool kare system Recovers, recycles, evacuates, leak tests and recharges A/C systems quickly and accurately.

Diagnostic Smoke Machine

emissions testing Uses microprocessor technology to detect fuel vapor issues during emissions testing.

Fuel System Cleaning

fuel injection cleaner Cleans the fuel injection system and decarbonizes components without having to remove any engine parts.

Vehicle Inspection Software

car inspection Computerized vehicle inspection is efficient, accurate, and electronic forms mean you'll be done quickly.

Transmission Service

transmission service The Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchanger quickly and competently extracts used, contaminated fluids out of manual and automatic transmissions, braking systems, power steering systems, and drive axles and replaces them with clean, fresh fluids.

Tire Changer

tire machine A state-of-the-art tire changing machine safely locks a wheel in place for controlled rotation during bead seating and inflation. The result is perfectly mounted tires.

Wheel Balancer

tester This state-of-the-art wheel balancer uses laser technology to identify vehicle pulls, solve vibration problems, and ensure proper calibration.

Our Technology

Take a walk through our service area. You'll see the latest technology availabe to ensure the best possible diagnostics and service for every automobile that comes into our shop.