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scheduled car maintenance

Automotive Services

We have the knowledge and full range of all manufacturers' software for regular interval, brake, and suspension maintenance, including:

Regular Scheduled Maintenance
We are qualified to perform regular scheduled maintenance on all automobile makes, models, and years.

Mass. State Car Inspections
Wilson's Service Center is licensed to perform emissions and safety inspections (Station # PB 050156) as annually required by the RMV. Inspecitions are available during our regular hours. Special needs can be accomodated. Please call for more information.

Fuel Efficiency Makeover
This service begins with a complimentary analysis of your vehicle's unique situation. You'll be notified of the best course of action to bring your vehicle to its peak fuel eficiency. The typical result is a gain of several miles per gallon!

Fuel Injection System Service
This same-day service helps maintain peak performance and fuel economy by keeping the injection system clean and by removing carbon deposits from the valves and intake. Road test included.

Tire Changing
With this same-day service the wheel is removed from the vehicle, the old tire is dismounted and the new tire is mounted. The wheel is then put through a computer spin balance and reinstalled on the vehicle. Lug nuts get torqued to manufacturer's specifications before the final road test.

Four-Wheel Alignment
Manufacturers typically recommend this same-day service every 12 months or 12,000 miles. Includes a computerized four-wheel alignment of the front and rear suspension and a road test.

Air Conditioner Recharging
This same-day service includes the recovery and purification of refrigerant and the subsequent re-charging with the purified (recycled) refrigerant plus a top-off with new refrigerant. The service also includes a before and after performance check, source leak testing and a final road test.